Adata Flash Drive Recovery Tool Free Download for 2021

Yes, Adata officially announced that people can download Adata flash drive online recovery software. It is a free online repair tool, helping people dealing with errors and problems in Adata flash drive, including:

Let me put it in a word, Adata Flash Drive online recovery tool is designed for users to make drive functions well by rebuilding the firmware and formatting the drive. After repairing Adata flash drive, files there are still there, letting people use the drive normally. You can Download the Adata flash drive.

I have mentioned that you can download Adata flash drive recovery repair tool to make your Adata flash drive work again. However, it is only a repair tool. If it failed to repair your Adata flash drive, you must be facing the possibility of losing all the data from your flash drive. And Adata can do nothing for help. You can see it also officially announced if you lost data from Adata flash drive, you need to deliver your Adata flash drive to DriveSavers and get the data delivered with FedEx within specified turnaround time. It takes time to use DriveSavers to recover your data from the Adata flash drive, which you can do it by yourself.

How to do Adata flash drive recovery if you fail to use the repair tool to fix the drive?

If the Adata flash drive is damaged or inaccessible, the best thing you must do is to retrieve the data trapped there. You can make use of data recovery software to scan the Adata flash drive for the data you need. After that, you can feel free to fix the flash drive without worrying about losing any data. There are some software tools available over the internet. I strongly recommend you Deep Data Recovery, a professional and trustworthy tool to retrieve data from Adata flash drive. Here are some of its main features for you to recover Adata flash drive data.

Your Best Adata Flash Drive Recovery Tool

Adata flash drive recovery download to recover data lost in Adata flash drive!!! Here in the following, let's learn how to recover data from Adata flash drive when your Adata flash drive is damaged, inaccessible, or even formatted. Rescue the data is the first and most important thing.

Step 1. Install the Adata flash drive data recovery

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the right Adata flash drive data recovery for your computer. The separate version for Windows OS and macOS are all available. It depends on where you want to recover the data from Adata flash drive, on Mac or Windows PC. After that, connect your flash drive with your computer, letting it appear on your computer as an external hard drive.

Step 2. Select file type to scan

Launch the Adata data recovery software. From the first window, please select the file types you want to recover from the Adata flash drive. Supported file types including pictures, videos, audio files, documents, emails, and more. By default, all the supported files are selected. Please deselect the unwanted file types and click "Next".

Step 3. Select Adata flash drive to scan

In the next window, you can see all hard drives, including the connected Adata flash drive is displayed. You want to recover files from Adata flash drive, so you need to select it and click "Scan" to undelete and unformat flash drive on Mac and Windows PC.

Step 4. Adata flash drive recovery

Last, when it comes to the last step, you just need to wait until the scanning process is finished by the Adata flash drive recovery tool. After that, you can see all the found file types and details. Select the file types in the left side and check out the details on the right side. When find the wanted files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Please do not save the recovered files back to the Adata flash drive until you fix the problems on it. Otherwise, you might lose the recovered files again. The default scanning mode is Quick Scan. If you want to find more files from the Adata flash drive, you can try the "Deep Scan" in the result window. To avoid the data loss issue, my suggestion for you is to back up the Adata flash drive regularly. There are many backup tools available on the Internet. And QILING Disk Master is one of them to schedule the backup of hard drive, folders, operating system, and more.

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