Top 6 Best Data Recovery Services

Most companies and people in the current period rely on their digital devices and software immensely. So much so that any situation that causes data loss can severely cripple one's work performance. Most of the issues that lead to data loss events come without warning. Therefore, it becomes difficult to recover the lost data in time without proper precautions in place.

Here, finding a data recovery service is suitable to recover your data in case of severe damage to the devices. It is an effective alternative to data recovery software types as well. In this post, we would cover more on that, or more specifically, the best data recovery services you can trust. Let's begin!

data recovery service

How Should I Choose a Data Recovery Service

While making your choice, experts recommend carefully analyzing the service quality first. Here, consider the following factors to decide the best version of a data recovery service to use.

Top 6 Best Data Recovery Services (Data Recovery Experts)

Users get many options while searching for the "best data recovery services near me" online. It carefully checks the computer after you use it to detect and solve specific hardware issues. Here is a list of the top 6 reliable services available.

1. Qiling Manual Data Recovery Service - Best Overall

Qiling is the best service for providing specialized data recovery via Qiling Manual Data Recovery Service which helps to repair/recover corrupted RAID structures, unformat the drive, repair damaged RAW drive, repair the unbootable OS, repair corrupted virtual disk, and recover/repair lost partition and repartitioned drive. The data recovery service is provided by a skilled trained engineer, and utmost data safety is ensured. When required, Qiling professionals take your system on remote to provide you with premium technical support. To get support services, you must have access to your computer and a stable network connection. 

Qiling data recovery service

Price: Quotation based service

Supported devices: Almost all of the storage devices

Locations: Multiple countries in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Europe (Everywhere if you have the internet to contact them)


2. Ontrack Data Recovery Services - Quick and Easy

Ontrack is known for its high-quality data recovery services. The company covers a wide range of services, including complete data recovery on various storage devices. They offer tape services like data cataloging, auditing, migration, and restoration. Other services here include eDiscovery, repairs of mobile devices, servicing of disabled mobile devices, email extraction, and data destruction.

The service providers here support quick data recovery services within a week approximately. However, users can opt for expedited recovery services in case of emergencies. The turnaround time here is lower than 24 hours.

ontrack data recovery service

Price: Quotation based service

Supported devices: Almost all of the storage devices

Locations: 22 lab locations worldwide


3. Secure Data Recovery - Supports Multiple Devices

Secure Data Recovery is a high-quality data recovery company that caters to small-scale users and large-scale enterprises alike. They provide data recovery services of different types for varying storage devices, like hard drives, SSD, Apple, and tapes.

The experts retrieve lost data from full laptops and offer enterprise-level recovery services, like database, RAID, encrypted, server, and remote recovery. Mobile recovery, memory card-based recovery, digital forensics, and eDiscovery are other notable services they can handle. The company holds SSAE 18 Type II SOC 1- 3 certifications and their cleanrooms are Class 10 ISO 4 audited.

secure data recovery service

Price: Quotation based service

Supported devices: SSD, HDD, flash drive, mobile devices, USB, memory card, etc.

Locations: 40+ countries


4. DriveSavers Data Recovery - Trusted Tool

DriverSavers is a suitable data recovery company that has high popularity among businesses and regular at-home users in the USA for data recovery needs. The main services of the company cover various data recovery work for diverse devices, e-Discovery, and computer forensics.

The company is the oldest service provider for data recovery on this list. The experts here handle many damaged or corrupted data recovery projects. There are standard and hygienic cleanrooms where most of the work takes place; these are ISO Class 5 certified. Users can expect free shipping and evaluation.

drivesaver data recovery service

Price: Fee decided after successful data loss recovery service

Supported devices: HDD/SSD, RAID, NAS, SAN, desktops, laptops (Windows/MAC), smartphones, memory cards, tablets, and removable media devices

Locations: USA, drop-off area in Japan, and international calls


5. CleverFiles Data Recovery - Simple to Use

CleverFiles Data Recovery is a systematic solution for recovering lost data from different storage device types like SSDs and HDDs. The service providers conduct testing and recovery work in specialty labs after a quick initial assessment. Customer satisfaction and needs are a major priority of this company; work begins after client authorization alone.

The company offers a DIY data recovery service, and other benefits like data protection, Disk Space Management, System Optimization, Digital Storage/Backup, and Data Shredding. Regular updates of the service are available.

cleverfiles data recovery service

Price: Estimate given at contact

Supported devices: SSDs, HDDs, etc.

Locations: Based in Alexandria, VA 22314, USA


6. Gillware - Best Safety and Security

Gillware is a major data recovery service provider that offers a wide range of data protection and management benefits. The best data recovery services available here include RAID data recovery, hard-drive-based data recovery, NAS data recovery, virtual machine data recovery, server data recovery, and photo data recovery services. The experts also retrieve lost data from flash drives.

The company is licensed with SOC2 Type II and ISO-5 Class 100 certifications for security and sanitation guarantee. Data recovery is possible from different types of storage devices, primarily hard drives.

gillware data recovery service

Price: Estimate decided at the consultation

Supported devices: HDDs, and other storage devices

Locations: Wright Street Madison, WI


Data Recovery Software VS Data Recovery Services

Data recovery software options are also effective in retrieving data from formatted HDDs, corrupted files, and accidentally deleted files. They are less costly in comparison to data recovery services. However, the latter offers more extensive benefits with data recovery, in case of major logical damage, physical damage, or firmware failure.

When should I use data recovery software?

When should I contact a data recovery service?


To say the least, employing data recovery services is useful in case of major data loss due to different hardware and software problems. Choose a service provider that is accessible, provides a wide range of services, and is easy to use. Here, Deep Data Recovery is a suitable tool you can use for additional data recovery support.

For more information, please go through our guides as well. Steps to recover lost or deleted data with data recovery software:

Step 1. Choose the file type and then click the "Next" button to continue.

Select file types that you want to recover

Step 2. Choose the exact file location and then click the "Scan" button to continue.

select the location to scan for deleted files

Step 3. After the process, select the "Deleted Files" and "Other Lost Files" folders in the left panel. Then, you can apply the "Filter" feature or click the Search icon to find the deleted files.

select files and click recover

Step 4. Click the "Recover" button and save the restored files – ideally, it should be different from the original one.

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