The Causes of GoPro SD Card Errors and How to Fix it

It is a common problem that people always see "SD card error" and "No SD card" on GoPro Hero 4 and 5. When searched on the internet, you can see people are complaining about it. Actually, it is not a big deal after you learn what the reason caused this and the troubleshooting way to fix GoPro SD card error. Check out the GoPro SD card errors details now.

Part 1. The major 4 causes of GoPro SD card error and how to fix them respectively

There are 4 major causes of GoPro SD card error. You need to check out your SD card carefully to see which your SD card problem and fix the problem correspondly.

#1. GoPro SD card is not properly formatted

It happens often to an old SD card which had been used in another camera or device. When you try to use it with GoPro, you need to format it first, making it work with GoPro.

Steps to fix GoPro SD card error

Step 1. Please backup the files in the SD card to your computer. If you skip this step, then all data on the SD card will be deleted completely. Of course, if the data is useless, then forget about it.

Step 2. Inset the SD card to your GoPro camera, enter the setup menu by pressing the front power button. Press the top button to select the setup menu. Press the front button until you see the trash can icon selected. Select "ALL/Format" option. It will wipe the SD card clean of all data, including any potential issues that has caused the SD card error on GoPro.

Step 3. When it finished, shot a video or take a picture to see whether the GoPro error has been formatted or not.

#2. The GoPro SD card read and write speed is not fast enough.

The GoPro SD card error for GoPro often happens after recording in a high-resolution or high-frame rate mode. To fix GoPro SD card error, the only way is to ditch the old SD card for a new one.

#3. Firmware are not updated

It often happens when you're using a pretty new SD card with the an older GoPro version. It is similar to computer firmware. If you want to keep your computer run properly, you need to keep it updated all the time.

To update the firmware, please connect the GoPro to the computer. Next, figure out which GoPro model you're using, find the firmware update here, follow the instruction to install it.

#4. GoPro SD card is not clean

If your SD has been used for months or years with GoPro and suddenly stopped working, it might be caused by the dust. In this case, you need to clean it with a soft cloth or toothbrush, making sure the clean is complete. When the SD card is dry and clean, insert it back to the GoPro camera again.

Part 2. How to recover lost/formatted data on GoPro SD card

Among the 4 causes for GoPro error, to fix 3 of them, you may face the risk of deleting or losing the existing videos and pictures on the GoPro SD card. If you're not lucky enough, losing the data, you can try Deep Data Recovery to repair GoPro SD card data. It is a professional tool developed for people to recover deleted files from GoPro on Mac/Windows PC.

Your Safe & Effective GoPro Data Recovery Software

How to Perform GoPro SD Card Recovery

Videos and photos formatted in SD card on Canon camera are not gone right away. Some of them are still on the SD card, waiting to be overwritten by new data. If you haven't generated any new data by performing further operation, it is very likely for you to retrieve these files. Deep Data Recovery is a professional yet affordable SD card data recovery software to do the task. It is fully compatible with all the video and photo formats in Canon camera. And you can run it either on Windows PC or Mac to perform the unformat SD card for Canon camera. Check out the steps for how to use it.

Step 1. Download and install the software on your computer. You can click the button below to download it. It is free of virus. Feel free to use it on Windows PC or Mac. Choose the version that's fit for your computer operating system.

Step 2. Connect your formatted SD card with your computer via a USBA cable or e-card reader. By either way, your purpose is to make sure the connection is right and the computer detects it as an external hard drive.

Step 3. Launch the software. From the main window, please keep "Pictures"and "Videos" checked and uncheck the other type of files. By doing this, it means you only need to recover formatted videos and pictures from the canon camera SD card. Click "Next".

Step 4. Select the external hard drive that stands for Canon camera and click "Scan". Letting the software looking for files for you.

Step 5. Foolproof steps for formatted data preview and recovery. During the scanning process, you can click the "Stop" button to pause the process if you see it has found the target files for you. If not, please wait patiently for it to finish the scanning process. It might take a few minutes. Select the target files and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

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