How to Permanently Delete Files from Thumb Drive/Pen Drive

There are 3 ways to permanently delete files from a thumb drive or pen drive. However, some permanently deleted files can be recovered with data recovery software. If you want the deleted files disappear forever, try QILING Thumb Drive Shredder to delete and destroy it.

A Thumb drive is a portable storage device that is used to store temporary files. It can be carried about due to its portability. For this reason, there is always a chance of losing the drive, which can result in unauthorized access to your data. To prevent your data from getting into the hands of third-parties, it is recommended that you delete files from your thumb drive. In this article, we will look at how to permanently delete files from a thumb drive.

Part 1. How to Permanently Delete Selected Files from Thumb Drive/Pen Drive

There are times you may not want to delete all files from your drive but only selected files. In this case, you can permanently delete some selected files from the thumb drive/pen drive and leave the rest. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

Part 2. How to Permanently Erase All Data from Thumb Drive/Pen Drive

You can also permanently erase all data from the thumb drive/pen drive. However, before you decide to do this, make sure you don't need any data in the storage drive again. This is because you will not be able to retrieve the data again except you use a professional data recovery tool. To erase all data permanently from your drive, the best way is to format it. Follow the steps below to format a pen drive through File Explorer:

Part 3. How to Permanently Delete Files from Thumb/Pen Drive without Recovery

For the methods of permanent data deletion mentioned above, it is still possible to recover the data with the use of a professional delete/format recovery tool like Deep Data Recovery. This means if you later discovered that you have permanently deleted important files from your thumb drive without having a backup copy, you can easily retrieve it with this tool, the best and most effective pen drive data recovery online software available in the market. The dicey part of this is that a third-party can also recover the data with a file recovery tool. This means when you think you have deleted files from your pen drive through any of the methods highlighted above, someone else can recover them and access them. This can compromise your confidential data.

Therefore, if you want to permanently delete files from a thumb/pen drive without the possibility of ever recovering it, it is recommended that you use a professional data eraser for the deletion. For this task, we recommend the QILING File Shredder as the best data eraser that can permanently delete files from thumb or pen drive without recovery.

QILING File Shredder is an "unrecoverable deleted" and secure tool that is designed to shred files and cleanly wipe hard drives within minutes. It works by permanently wiping sensitive and unused data from specific folders, files, partitions, disks, and partitions to ultimately protect your privacy. When you need to permanently wipe a USB or pen drive, the Qiling File Shredder is the most powerful tool that you can trust.

Your Safe Permanently Delete Drive/Files Software

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Guide to Permanently Delete Files from Thumb or Pen Drive without Recovery

To permanently and completely delete files from your pen or thump drive with Qiling File Shredder, follow the steps highlighted below:

Step #1: The first step is to download the software on your PC. To install, click on ".exe" to install it on your system. It is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. After the installation, launch the software, and a window will pop up. Click the the "Tools and utilities" tab in the best file eraser tool window, and then click "File shredder" to start selecting files or folder that you want to permanently delete from the pen or thumb drive.

Step #2: Navigate to the directory or file on the pen drive and select the files or folder to be removed. Next click "Proceed" to permanently delete the folders or files from the drive. It takes a few seconds to completely shred the selected files.

To ensure that all files have been permanently deleted and cannot be recovered, try to recover them with a professional data recovery tool like Deep Data Recovery software.

This article has highlighted different methods on how to permanently delete files from a pen drive. If you don't want any unauthorized access to your pen or thumb drive, it is recommended that you regularly delete files from the device. To ensure that the files and folders are permanently deleted, you should use a professional shredder like Qiling File Shredder. This will ensure that the deleted files will never be recovered again, even with a professional data recovery tool.

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