Broken Micro SD Card Recovery - How to Recover Data from Broken SD Card

Have you been searching what to do if the Micro SD card is damaged? Do you want to know how to recover files from broken SD card or how to recover data from broken Micro SD card? If yes, then here in this article, you will find all the answers to your questions.

SD Cards have become a very major storage media for sharing data between multiple platforms. Due to their portability, they are widely used. But the advantage can also become a major drawback. As the SD Cards are frequently inserted and removed from multiple devices, it becomes susceptible to damage which further results in the loss of data files. If you are curious to know how to recover files from damaged Micro SD card, then at first you will have to understand what exactly leads to this problem.

Here, we have mentioned some symptoms of damaged Micro SD Card and also provided a damaged Micro SD card recovery tool that would help you to retrieve data from damaged Micro SD card.

Part 1. How do you know a Micro SD Card is Damaged

As we are first discussing the symptoms that are usually shown by a damaged Micro SD Card. Once the symptoms are detected, it will be easy to decide which method must be used to fix it. Thereby, you will also know how to recover data from broken memory card. The most common ones are listed below:

Symptom 1. Some Devices Fails to Read the SD Card:

If you are experiencing some difficulty connecting the SD card to some device that means that the card is damaged. It will lead to some error every single time you try to connect the card with a different device. Sometimes it will connect easily and other times no matter how hard you try the connection doesn't establish.

Symptom 2. The folder has Files but Failed to Display Them:

This symptom is also very common. It happens a lot that we know there are files present in a folder but every time we try to open the folder, the card won't display any file in it. This simply means that the Micro SD is damaged and needs to repair.

Symptom 3. Memory Card Error:

If the system you are connecting the SD Card to is unable to detect the card, then it is also a symptom that may be your card is being damaged somehow. Usually, the Computer plays a sound whenever an external storage media is connected to it. In this case, the computer will play the sound but doesn't display the Card's presence.

Symptom 4. Unable to Copy the Contents of the Card:

Another symptom is that when you can see the contents of the SD Card but you can't copy them. In this case, when you will try to copy a single file or multiple files, then the system will display that some unknown error occurred and the whole copying process will be canceled automatically. In such a situation, you will surely need a broken Micro SD card recovery tool.

Symptom 5. Computer Asks to Format the drive:

Although this symptom arises in a rare situation it ensures that your SD Card is broken and it needs to be repaired immediately. Here, when your concept the card to your computer and try to open it to view files, the computer will prompt to format the drive instead of opening it.

Part 2. About Get Data from Damaged Micro SD Card with Broken SD Card Recovery Program

If you have experienced any of the above-listed symptoms then it is 100% that you have a damaged Micro SD card. Therefore, you will need broken SD card recovery software that can help you recover all the data that you will lose due to some unknown error. It is the Deep Data Recovery software that will give you a full recovery of all the data files.

So, if you want to know how to recover data from damaged Micro SD card, then Deep Data Recovery is your answer. It has a plethora of features that would make it very easy to even recover data from formatted Micro SD card, retrieve data from RAW SD card and recover deleted files from SD card on Mac or Windows PC.

Your Safe & Effective Broken SD Card Recovery Software

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Guide for How to Recover Data from Broken SD Card

The steps you would have to follow to recover data from damaged Micro SD card are given below:

Step 1. Connect the SD Card to the computer by using a card reader. Download the broken SD card recovery software on your system and install it. Once the program is installed, launch it and you will see the main interface.

Step 2. From the interface, you can select the file type that you want to recover. If you only want to recover some specific files, then you can select the file type. If not, then select all and tap on the "Next" button.

Step 3. In the next screen, The software will detect the card and display it in the storage space list. Select the SD Card and then tap on the "Scan" button above the enlisted storage media.

Step 4. The broken Micro SD card recovery software will sort out the files properly and will display them in their specific format category. Locate the files that you want to back and then tap on the "Recover" button.

Within a few minutes, all the files will be downloaded into the computer. The files can also be shared and transferred freely. If the files don't appear in the Quick Scan, then you can always run a Deep Scan to dig deeper for the files. Thus, now you know how to recover data from broken Micro SD card easily and quickly.

Part 4. Tips for How to Fix Damaged Micro SD Card

There are also some tips that you can follow if you want to fix your damaged SD Card. They are listed as:

We hope that we helped you to understand how to recover data from broken Micro SD card. The Deep Data Recovery software is a comprehensive solution for all your needs and you must try it get your data back.

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