How to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Drive

Don't know how to recover files from a damaged hard drive? Efficient data recovery tools are available on the internet which can help you to recover data from corrupted hard drive easily. In this tutorial, we have mentioned the ideal hard drive data recovery software which is highly preferred by many people to recover data from hard disk.

Part 1. Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software to Recover Data from Damaged Hard Disk

The Deep Data Recovery software which always stands out in the crowd of hard drive data recovery software is the most reliable and powerful one to use on the computer. To recover data from damaged hard disk, it is the first choice for many people. Because of its remarkable features, this Windows and Mac data recovery software is used by multinational companies also. The recovery rate of the Deep Data Recovery software is highest among various hard disk data recovery tools available on the internet.

Your Safe & Effective Hard Drive Recovery Software

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Guide for recover data from the damaged hard drive.

Follow the below step-by-step guide on how to recover data from the damaged hard drive using the hard drive data recovery software.

Step 1: To initiate the process, you need to download and install the Deep data recovery software for damaged hard drive recovery from its official website on your computer. After downloading the software, run the hard disk rescue software and you will be navigated to its main interface where all files types are shown. You need to choose your desired file type that you want to recover from the damaged hard drive and then, tap on the "Next" button to recover data from hard drive.

Step 2: Now, you will see the list of hard drives on its interface and select the one from which you want to recover data. After that, press the "Scan" button to initiate the scanning of the damaged hard drive.

Step 3: After a few minutes, the software will display all the files from the corrupted hard drive and you can view the files before recovering. Then, select the files that you want to retrieve and click on the "Recover" button to perform hard drive data recovery.

If the files that you are looking are not found using quick scan, then you can go for its deep scan mode which will scan the lost data deeply.

Part 2. Tips on How to Fix the Damaged Hard Drive

There are some tips that you should know to fix or repair your damaged hard drive on your system.

1. Inspect Power supply

If you are using the external hard drive, then the first thing that you should do fix it is to check the connection between the hard drive and computer. Unplug the hard drive from your computer and plug it again. If it does not work, then change your USB cable or port and again try to make a connection between hard drive and computer. Many people do not know that an external hard drive comes along with its own power supply. So, check that also if it is working properly or not. However, if your system shows internal hard drive error, then this way will not be able to fix it.

2. Connect your hard drive to another computer

It might be a chance that your computer is unable to detect your hard drive and there is no problem with the hard drive. So, to have surety that if hard drive is damaged or not, connect it with another computer. If another system is successful in detecting your hard drive, then it means there is no problem with the hard drive and your computer has some issues.

To fix it, you can check drivers on your computer as drivers can cause various problems if they are not in perfect condition. Right-click on your computer, then tap on the "Manage" and then, "Device Manager". Uninstall the hard drive and reconnect it with your computer. To repair it, you can also change the Driver letter and Path. From the "Manage" option, go to the "Disk Management". Right click on your damaged hard drive and then, tap "Change Drive Letter and paths". Now, again click on the drive letter and click on the change. Choose a new drive letter and press "Ok".

fix damaged hard drive

3. Check Hard Drive for errors

You can check if your hard drive is damaged or not from the command prompt. Open the command prompt on your system as admin and then, "wmic" and tap enter. Then, again type "disk drive get status" and tap enter. If your hard drive is not corrupted, then it will show the status as "Ok".

repair damaged hard drive

Conclusion: In this guide, we have mentioned various tips to fix a damaged hard drive and to retrieve data from the damaged hard drive; the Deep data recovery software is the ultimate solution to recover all kinds of data.

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