How to Recover Data from Mac to PC

It happens that you need to switch between Mac and PC which of course will result in the need to recover data from Mac to PC. It's a common situation that people who have both Mac and PC will encounter. Actually, there are two ways for you to recover data from Mac hard drive to PC. One is recovering data from Mac drive on Mac and another is recover data from Mac first, then transfer to PC. Let's check out the ways in details.

Before we get down to the process to learn how to recover data from Mac to PC, we should make clear that all data in the Mac hard drive or on Mac, deleted or formatted are not visible. Only with the professional tools, it can help to retrieve data from Mac hard drive to PC. Here in the following, we're going to use the tool Deep Data Recovery. It's a tiny nice tool for people to get invisible data from all kinds of hard drives, USB flash drive, SD cards, and other types of storage devices. It supports almost all the file types used at work, in the office, at school or at home. Here are some of its features for your reference.

Your Safe & Effective Mac Data Recovery Software

Let's start the process of recover data from Mac drive to Windows PC.

Step 1. For this part, you need to download Deep data recovery and install undelete Windows 7 software. Launch it after it is installed.

Step 2. Connect the Mac hard drive directly to your Windows PC, making sure your computer recognize the hard drive as an external hard drive, which will appear on your computer with a Letter.

Step 3. Launch the Mac hard drive data recovery software and select the file types in the start-up window. By selecting the specified file types, it will shorten the scanning process, saving you time. Click "Next" to recover data from Mac hard drive to PC.

Step 4. It's very crucial to choose the right hard drive in this step. You need to click to choose the Mac hard drive you've connected with your Windows PC. After then, click "Scan", letting the utility scan the connected Mac hard drive for the files you prefer to recover from.

Step 5. When the scanning recover data from Mac to PC process finished, you can choose the needed files by filtering out the wanted files, selecting them and click "Recover" to save them on your Windows PC.

You can see there is an option named as "Deep Scan", it is another scanning mode which will scan more files for you, but takes longer. You can try it as you like.

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