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People tend to use SD cards as it provides convenient and safe storage for your data. Sony SD card is one of the reliable SD cards that you might use in terms of storage and performance, using it to store files, pictures or videos, but what if you lost all of the data on your Sony SD card? If you are having a similar problem and want to do Sony SD card recovery on Mac or Windows PC. In that way, please read this tutorial carefully. It will help you completely recover data from Sony SD card.

Part 1. Common Scenes for Memory/SD Card File Loss

Many of us may face losing all the data on the Sony SD card and would want to recover files from Sony SD card. You might be using it and suddenly it's not working and you've lost all your important files. It could happen in one of these reasons:

For any of these reasons and many more, you might lose your saved data on your Sony SD card. And you have saved them so you'd get back to them whenever you want. Whether it's photos, videos, files or documents. You will definitely need to Sony SD card data recovery. When it happens, stop using it to avoid overwriting the data. Only then will you have a chance to recover data from a Sony SD card.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted/Formatted/Lost Files from Sony SD Card

You've already lost your data and you need them back? Simple, you will only need to use a professional and reliable Sony SD card recovery software in order to restore all your lost data regardless of the reason why you've lost them. Here I'd like to recommend you try Deep Data Recovery. It is considered the best, fastest and secured way you can restore any lost data on your Sony SD card from Windows or Mac. The best Sony memory card recovery software 100% safe and user-friendly program that gives you an absolute recovery for lost files from Sony SD card and it supports any type of files like pictures, documents, video, audio, archives, email, etc. The SD card recovery software offers two scan modes to help on finding lost files quick scan and deep scan.

Your Safe & Effective Sony SD Card Recovery Software

You can click this download link to get Sony SD Card Recovery Software now.

Guide: Perform Sony SD card Data Recovery in Mac or Windows PC

You can easily use Deep data recovery on your Sony SD card to recover all your deleted, lost or formatted data from Windows or Mac.

Step 1: connect your Sony SD card to the computer

You will need to take out the Sony SD card and use a card reader if necessary for the computer to read the SD card. After then, click the download button below to get the installation package of the Sony SD card recovery tool. Install it on your computer.

Step 2: select the file types that you want to recover

Run the Sony memory card recovery software. By default, it is ready to do the file recovery task with all the supported file types selected. Please only keep the needed ones checked and uncheck the unwanted ones. Click "Next" to let it work right away.

Step 3: Select a location to scan or find data

Since there are so many partitions of your computer as well as might be some external hard drives, to save you time, you're required to select the drive that stands for the Sony SD card. Click "Scan" to recover deleted files from SD card on Mac or Windows PC.

Step 4: Perform Sony SD Card Recovery

It only takes a few minutes for recover Sony SD card software to scan for deleted files. During the scanning process, you can see part of the results are listed in the result window. When find the right one, you can pause the scanning process. Select the file(s) to preview or click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Tips: To avoid the SD card data lost due to the aforementioned issues, my suggestion for you is to backup important data on the SD card to your computer regularly. Who knows when you will encounter the problems! If data loss from SD card, please stop using it immediately to prevent data from being overwritten, unable to recover, and to find an Sony SD Card Recovery Software.

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