How to Recover Deleted Files from LaCie External Hard Drive

The professional Lacie external hard drive data recovery, Deep Data Recovery, is a great tool to recover deleted or lost files from LaCie external hard drive, no matter you lost the files by deletion or any accidents. The article below introduces how to recover files from external hard drive on Mac or Windows.

LaCie external hard drive is an excellent drive for the backup as well as the transfer of massive data from one computer to another. It is very resistant to environmental conditions and hence a good way to deal with your data without the fear of losing it. Although it is trustworthy, an incident can occur whereby you delete a file or files from your LaCie external hard drive and later on realize you need it again or you accidentally delete a very important file which you will subsequently need again. This is a horrible experience and may result in secondary problems. If the data on your drive was backed up, then you are on the safe side because you can just perform a data restore process and recover your data. If you have not backed up your drive, things become a little complicated because there is a possibility of losing this data.

Although there is a possibility of losing this data, there is an equal possibility of recovering the files from LaCie external hard disk with the use of data recovery software. Deleted data although invisible, is still present as prints in the drive and as such can still be retrieved after data loss or deletion. File recovery software functions by finding the location of the deleted file in the LaCie hard drive then rebuilding it in order to restore it. However, it isn't advised to use your drive again immediately after the deletion until you perform the data recovery from LaCie external hard drive because when the drive is manipulated, the original prints left by the deleted data can be overwritten by data from another software or program.

Also, the success of the data recovery process depends on the file system of the drive. NTFS on Windows and APFS on Mac are the file systems with the highest successful file recovery chances. At first, encounter, deleting a file looks like an irreversible process but this tutorial will guide you through a successful LaCie external hard drive recovery process.

Best LaCie Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Free Download to Recover Lost Data

To increase the chances of carrying out a successful data recovery process, using the right software is the key. The best software to use to recover deleted files from LaCie external hard drive is Deep Data Recovery.

Deep Data Recovery is a powerful tool for the recovery of data from a LaCie external hard drive.

Your Effective LaCie Hard Drive Recovery Software

These features make Deep Data Recovery the perfect software for the recovery of files from your LaCie external hard disk.

Guide for How to Recover Deleted Files from LaCie External Hard Drive

Here, you will be guided on how to use Deep Data Recovery to recover deleted files from LaCie external hard drive. You can download and install it on your PC. Make sure you don't save it to your LaCie external hard drive if not it may overwrite the deleted file. You can save it to a folder on your computer or another storage device but definitely not the LaCie from which you want to recover the data.

Note: Stop using your LaCie external hard drive as soon as you delete the file and want to recover it again. This increases your chances of recovering your deleted data from your LaCie external hard drive.

Step 1. Choose the file type you want to recover

When you launch the software, all the different file types by default are already selected. If you want to recover all file types, you can proceed by clicking on "Next" If not you can unselect the various file types you don't want to recover then leave the file type you want to recover selected. Also, if the file type you want to recover is not amongst the five main file types, select "Other files" so that you can recover your file. When it's done, click on "Next".

Step 2. Choose your LaCie hard disk as the location

Once you select your LaCie external hard drive as the location to be scanned, Deep Data Recovery will scan it. By default, a quick scan is first conducted.

Step 3. Preview the lost files and recover what you want

As soon as the scan gets finished, the results of the scan will be displayed. Go through the files and find the file which you deleted; select it and click on "Recover". If you do not find your file or you find it but it has issues and does not function properly as it should, perform a deep scan. This command is found at the upper window of the software. A deep scan is a more robust scan and as a result, as compared to a quick scan, it takes more time before it can be completed. Once the scanning gets finished, more results will be displayed. Preview the list again and this time, you should be able to find your deleted file from LaCie external hard drive.

Accidental deletion of data can occur due to human errors but this data might be important and a LaCie external hard drive data recovery process is the only way this data can be saved. With the right software, this process is made easy and can be very handy in times of need.

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