Undelete SD Card | How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card

It seems to undelete SD card is impossible, for there is no shortcut to getting back the deleted files on SD card and you can't find the deleted files in the recycle bin, let alone restore them. However, if you have some knowledge about how computer process data, you should know that all deleted data is not gone right away, but hide somewhere on your memory card. The difficult part is that you can't see it result in you can't SD undelete. In this case, you need a professional tool to help you recover deleted files from SD card on Mac or Windows. Read on to get the details:

Part 1. In Which Scenarios You Can Undelete Files from SD Card

There are many scenarios caused your data to lose on the memory card, like SD card error, formatted, virus attacked, deleted files in SD card accidentally, etc. For the following scenarios, you can undelete files on the SD card.

Tips: Because the SD card deleted files are hidden, it waiting to be covered by new data. If you want to get better undelete SD card results, please stop using your memory card after you find you have lost or deleted some files, and don't use any pre-installed software on your computer to do anything to your SD card.

Part 2. How to Undelete SD Card on Windows/Mac

Based on cutting-edge file retrieval technology, iDiskhome provides a professional SD card undelete tool - Deep Data Recovery for users to completely restore memory card files after deleting or formatting. It is able to undelete almost all the commonly used files on the SD card for you. It is enough for you to recover deleted files in SD card on Windows Pc or Mac OS X.

Your Safe & Effective Undelete SD Card Software

Besides supports multiple file types, the undelete SD card utility is quite easy to use even you know little about Windows or Mac data recovery theory or techniques. Here are the simple steps for how to recover deleted files in the SD/memory card.

Guide for How to Undelete Files on SD Card

Use a memory card reader to connect your computer and SD card. Please ensure that it is connected successfully. You can click to open "Computer" to check out whether your SD card is displayed there or not.

Step 1. Select file types that you want to undelete

Click the download button to free get the undelete SD card program installation file. Double-click it and follow the guideto install it on your computer. Run it and select file types you want to undelete files from your SD card. By default, all file types are selected. You can select the ones you need and click "Next".

Step 2. Select the SD card to scan

Your SD card is displayed in this window. To save you time, please select your SD card and click "Scan" button to scan your want undelete SD card files. Generally speaking, it only takes a few minutes to finish the scanning process. If there are hundreds or thousands of files on your SD card, it will take longer.

Step 3. Recover Ddeleted Files from SD card

When the scanning process is finished, the result window will display all the files that are available to undelete. Choose the files you need to undelete and click "Recover" to save them to your computer. If you still not see the needed files, then try the "deep scan".

Tips: you can never be too careless with your memory card data. You know it is better to have 2 backups at least for your data. Who knows when will you lost them, especially on an SD card. It is easy to lose an SD card.

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