How to Recover Deleted Photos from Transcend SD Card

Transcend SD memory card is useful in storing photos. One can use the card on their phone, digital camera, and camcorder. As not enough space is available on the card, most people transfer them to their computer. During such a process, many of them mistakenly delete the photos on the card. Apart from deleting the pictures by mistake, several reasons exist that result in loss of images from Transcend memory card. The following are the common factors that result in photo loss:

Whatever the reason is, the loss of Transcend SD card photos happens more than you think. Sometimes, you need get the lost files back. Before make the Transcend SD card recovery, you should check whether the photos have been backup. If no, you will need an effective way for how to recover photos from Transcend SD card. Fortunately, This article will help you easily and quickly recover deleted photos from Transcend memory card on Windows or Mac.

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Irrespective of the scenario through which one lost the pictures on the Transcend card. When you try to get help, you will see a lot of tutorials for Transcend SD memory card recovery under Mac or Windows PC in the internet. But don't all solutions are effective. Here, we recommend using Deep Data Recovery to recover photos from Transcend SD card. It is necessary to ensure that there is no physical damage to the card. The best recovery program is reliable and capable of recovering lost photos, videos, documents, audio files, and other file types. Moreover, the Transcend SD data recovery software also helps one to recover pictures from laptop, other SD cards, desktop, flash drives, hard disks, and more. One can finish the entire process in 3 simple steps.

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Step-by-step to Recovering Lost or Deleted Photos from Transcend SD Memory Card

One can recover files from Transcend SD card using this software in three simple steps. The steps are understandable even for a person who does not possess knowledge about using any recover Transcend photo program. One can connect the card with the computer, open the tool, and use the appropriate options to recover deleted photos from Transcend SD card. Before beginning the process, one can download the Transcend SD card photo recovery from the official website and install it on a computer. The steps mentioned ahead is the process to recover photos from Transcend SD card:

Step 1. After connecting the card with the computer, open the software by double-clicking the icon from the desktop screen. The primary window will displays the file formats that one can use to recover. One can uncheck the tick boxes, as the enables all the file formats by default. Now, press the "Pictures" file format and press the "Next" button to head to the next step.

Step 2. In the next screen, recover Transcend SD card tool displays the available locations for scanning and recovering the files. It displays both the computer hard drive partitions and the connected Transcend SD memory card. Now, it is time to select the SD memory card partition and click the "Scan" button on the top right corner of the this window to starting recover photos from Transcend SD card. The application will start scanning the Transcend memory card corrupted sectors. The time required to finish the scan depends on the size of the content present on the memory card.

Step 3. After completed the scanning, it shows the scan results on the next screen. The right side of the window consists of a tree directory for quick manoeuvring through the retrieved folders. The middle portion of the screen displays all the files contained in a particular folder or path. For instance, by selecting a folder from the left part, iDiskhome recovery tool shows the content it retrieved in the middle portion. The right portion of the window is the space where a thumbnail of the selected retrieve file appears.

Using the same option, one can recover photos from Transcend memory card by selecting the essential images retrieved by the software. One can select all the files or select multiple files by ticking the boxes against the required files. The thumbnail preview comes handy during this process. Once the selection is complete, press the "Recover" button the top right corner. The recover Transcend SD card photo will ask for a path to store the selected files. One can use the "Browse" button to select a path or folder on the computer. Upon clicking "Ok", the app begins to recover photos from Transcend SD card in computer.

With a simple 3-step solution offered by Transcend SD card recovery, it is possible to recover photos from Transcend SD card. The advantages and the reliable nature of the online SD card recovery tool make it the best choice available for everyone. Use the program today to recover deleted files from SD card on Mac or Windows PC.

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