How to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon DSLR Camera

Leading and budding photographers choose Canon DSLR camera as the preferred camera for both photos and videos. As there is no in-built storage, people often select SD card to store the pictures. The cards are available in different storage sizes from different companies. However, there are occasions where one loses the files. The following information gives insight on how to recover deleted photos from Canon DSLR on Windows PC or Mac OS X.

Scenarios for loss of images on Canon DSLR

Numerous elements are responsible for the loss of the pictures from a Canon DSLR. The case is different in each situation. However, the following are the standard or typical reasons as to why one loses data from their SD card in the DSLR camera:

How to Recover Photos from Canon DSLR Camera

When there is a loss of pictures from the Canon DSLR, one is bound to experience frustration or disappointment. However, with the help of Deep Data Recovery, it is a professional and fantastic utility that can help you recover photos from Canon DSLR with ease.

When one notices the loss of data, the first thing to implement is to stop using the camera. Such a step prevents data overwritten. One can then remove the card from the Canon DSLR and begin using the powerful Canon photo recovery software. It is capable and a reliable program that helps in the recovery of images, audio files, videos, documents, and more. One no longer has to worry about how to recover files from Canon DSLR, as it retrieves data in three simple steps.

the recover Canon DSLR photo application is dominant in its area and is proficient in recovering any file format from the hard drive, flash drive, SD cards, memory cards, CF cards, external hard drives, and partitions within a hard drive.

Your Safe & Effective Canon DSLR Photo Recovery Program

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Step-by-Step Procedure to Recover Deleted/Lost Photos from Canon DSLR

The following steps, which are simple, provide information on how to recover photos from Canon DSLR along with videos. The process is simple and requires one to download the software from the official website. Before proceeding, establish a connection between the DSLR and a computer. One can change the settings in the camera to allow a computer to recognise the connected camera as an external hard disk. After installation of Canon DSLR photo recovery, one can open it by clicking the icon from the desktop. Following are the steps that help in the recovery of the photos and files from the DSLR camera:

Step 1. After establishing a connection with the computer. The main window of Canon DSLR recovery opens, which shows the essential file formats that one can recover. One has to uncheck all the checkboxes except "Pictures", and press the "Next" button to recover deleted photos from Canon DSLR camera.

Step 2. The next screen comprises information about the available drives. It also includes the Canon DSLR. One has to select the DSLR location path and click the "Scan" button to starting recover deleted photos on Mac or Windows. If the content present on the card is of huge size, the time taken to complete the scan is high.

Step 3. After completion of the scan, it will displays the results on the window. The left side shows a tree directory, the middle shows the files retrieved, and the right side displays the information of a selected file along with thumbnail preview. One can use the tree directory to move across the folders recovered by the software. By choosing a particular folder, one can view the content present in it in the middle screen.

Tips: If the quick scan is unable to locate your lost photos from Canon DSLR camera, then you can go for deep scan feature which is on the top of the software interface. It will defiantly find your lost images from the camera.

Now, how to recover deleted files from Canon DSLR? The answer is simple – selecting the required files from the middle of the screen. One can make multiple selections. After completion of the selection of data, which includes both the photos and videos from Canon DSLR, pressing the "Recover" button asks for the path to save the content.

One can use the "Browse" button to change the path or pick an already created folder on the computer. By clicking "Ok", Deep Data Recovery begins to transfer the retrieved files to the selected location.

With cooperation from the Canon DSLR photo recovery program, which is a leading software in the field of recovering data, it is possible to recover photos from Canon DSLR in three simple steps. The advantages, understandable options, and robust algorithm help anyone to get back the deleted photos and videos from their respective Canon DSLR. Start using the software today to ensure that it assists in the recovery with ease and retrieves all the data lost from the camera irrespective of the reason for the loss in the first place.

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