How to Recover Deleted/Lost Photos from Fujifilm Camera

Many people encounter the issue of losing photos from Fuji camera due to deleted, formatted SD card and other reasons. Now, users are aware of the fact that Fujifilm camera photo recovery is possible, but they don't know the process of how to recover deleted photos from Fujifilm camera or retrieve lost pictures in Fuji. In this guide, we have mentioned two reliable ways to get Fuji photo back on Windows or Mac. If you understand how to recover photos from an Fujifilm camera will be very important. That way you won't be heartbroken by the loss of your Fuji photos.

Method #1. Restore Fujifilm Pictures from Computer, Cloud Storage or Other Storage Devices

The first way for Fujifilm camera data recovery is restoring lost photos from backup files. However, this method can be used by only those users who have a habit of taking the backup of their Fujifilm camera photos. No matter in which way you have taken backup whether, on computer, cloud storage or storage device, you will be able to retrieve deleted or lost photos from Fujifilm camera.

Fujifilm Recover Deleted Photos from Computer:

If you use a backup tool or system options to create the backup of your Fujifilm camera photos on your computer, then you can navigate to your computer and search for the location where you have saved your Fujifilm photos. Once you will be able to locate the folder, then you can search for the images that get lost from your camera and can recover deleted Fujifilm camera photos from your computer or you can also transfer images to your Fujifilm memory card again.

Undelete on Fuji Camera from Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage like Google Drive and DropBox are very popular for having the backup of important media files such as images. The cloud storage system provides enough storage space to create a backup of as many as files as you want. If you have stored your Fujifilm photos on your cloud storage system, then you can sync the lost files from your cloud storage either to your phone or computer. The cloud storage is specially made for the data loss situations so that whenever any accidental deletion happens with your device, then you can easily get through syncing data from cloud storage.

Fujifilm Photos Recovery from Storage Device:

Fuji camera photo recovery is very easy if you have saved your photos on external storage devices like a memory card or hard drive. To retrieve deleted photos, you just need to connect your storage device to the computer, and then locate lost files from your storage device. You can transfer located files to Fujifilm camera again.

However, the above method to recover photos from Fujifilm camera works only if you have created the backup before the deletion of images. But, you do not need to panic as you have another amazing option to recover deleted photos from Fujifilm camera using Fuji camera recovery tool.

Method #2. Recover Lost/Deleted Photos from Fujifilm Camera with Recovery Software

The Deep Data Recovery is the top most reliable recovery tool for Fuji photo recovery. Worldwide, this Windows, iPhone or Mac data recovery software is highly used just because of the amazing functionalities that it performs efficiently. No matter what type of data recovery is, the recovery tool has enough capability to resolve all retrieving problems. It is considered the best application for Fujifilm recover deleted or lost photos on Windows/Mac. The best part is that its recovery process is much faster as compared to its counterparts.

Your Safe & Effective Fujifilm Camera Photo Recovery Tool

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How to Recover Photos from Fujifilm Camera

Below is the step-by-step guide for how to recover deleted or lost photos from Fuji camera via Deep Data Recovery. Before starting to recover deleted photos on Mac or Windows PC, you need to download the Fuji camera photo recovery Mac/Win tool from its official site on your computer. After then, install it on your computer.

Step 1: To begin the photo recovery process. Now, connect your Fujifilm camera memory card to your computer and launch the software on your computer. Select "Pictures" file type only and uncheck other file types for the faster recovery process and then, click on the "Next" button to perform fuji camera photo recovery.

Step 2: After that, select your Fuji camera memory card and click on the "Scan" button to begin the scanning process. This will scan your Fuji memory card to find all deleted or lost photos.

Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, the Fujifilm photo recovery tool will show all the deleted/lost images on its interface and you can select your desired images that you want to recover and then, finally click on the "Recover" button to recover deleted photos from Fujifilm camera on Mac or Windows.

Tips: If the quick scan is unable to locate your lost photos from Fujifilm camera, then you can go for deep scan feature which is on the top of the software interface. It will defiantly find your lost images from the camera.


This guide has provided the ultimate method on how to undelete photos from Fuji camera with the help of the photo recovery software. You can recover lost files from the camera even if you do not have any backup.

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