How to Recover Deleted Photos from Picasa

Picasa is a great photo editing and managing application that was introduced by Google. This amazing software can help you to view and edit your personal photos that hold every special memory you had in your life. So it's really important to keep all your photos managed properly. If you are a Picasa user then you have also faced a common problem that a lot of Picasa users have faced, which is, losing photos from Picasa. Losing any photo can be devastating for anyone because pictures hold very beautiful memories that we create by taking them. So if you want to recover deleted photos from Picasa, then you need to read this article. A lot of people don't know anything about how to recover photos from Picasa backup. With the help of the clear guideline from here anyone can get help instantly. So follow this article to retrieve deleted pictures from Picasa in no time.

Part 1: Some Reasons That May Cause of Photos Loss in Picasa

lot of people don't know why the lose photos from Picasa. Actually before recovering photos from Picasa, you must know the most common reasons that cause photo loss from it. There can be various reason that can cause photo loss from Picasa but here are the most common scenarios that is experienced by most people.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Picasa

In the above cases or other reasons that the photos loss cannot be avoided. What is the best Picasa photo recovery solution for users? We recommend you free try Deep Data Recovery to get the best result. This one of a kind recovery program can be the best tool for you to recover deleted photos from Picasa. All the advanced features and friendly interface makes this software best one on the internet that can easily recover deleted photos from SD card, USB drive, hard disk or other devices. It also has an easy to follow the recovery process so you won't face any complication while recovering photos from Picasa. So this is undoubtedly the best choice that you can make in order to get back your lost photos from Picasa.

Your Safe & Effective Recover Picasa Photo Software

Guide to Recover Deleted Picasa Photos

You won't have to work too hard or follow any complicated method while recovering photos from Picasa. This is the easiest and most effective process that you will ever find on the internet. Here is how to recover deleted photos from Picasa.

First, you need to download and install the Picasa photo recovery software on your computer. Now launch it and you will get the home interface. From there, select the file types you want to recover. To recover photos from Picasa, please only keep the "Pictures" selected and unselect the other types of files. And then click on the "Next" button to recover deleted Picasa photos.

On the next page of the process, you will find all the partitions of your hard disk displayed in the window. Now from the list of these partitions and storages, choose the one to scan where you have lost your Picasa photos from. Then click on the "Scan" button to let the software run a quick scan.

The scanning will finish within a few minutes and all your lost data will be found. Now you can select the Picasa photos that you need to recover from your hard drive. You can also preview the pics of your choice if you like to make sure that you are choosing the right ones or not. After you have selected the Picasa photos, click on the "Recover" button to start the recover Picasa photos process. Finally, all your lost Picasa photos will be restored in your chosen folder.

Part 3: How to Recover Photos from Picasa Backup

If you don't know how to recover photos from Picasa backup, then this part will help you a lot. Here is how you can do this

First, you need to start the Picasa app on your PC. Then, select "Import from Web Albums..." from the File menu.

You can leave the "Import all albums not currently on this computer (Uncheck to choose manually)" box checked as it is and then click on "OK" to start recover deleted photos from Picasa.

If you have a lot of photos stored in your Picasa Web Albums account, then you may have to wait for some time till the whole account is downloaded. Remember, Picasa will not download any kind of duplicate files on your computer.

Part 4: Is Google Photos and Picasa the Same

Picasa is a photo editing and managing software for Windows and Mac computers. Google has introduced this software as a very useful and highly appreciated tool for any mobile phone or PC user.

But in 2015, Google released Google Photos as a photo-editing app that has built in connection to cloud storage. It allows users to edit pictures both in the app and in any browser. From 2016, any kind of active development on the Picasa desktop was stopped and Google focused more on Google Photos. You can still use Picasa but if you want to use more updated and advanced version of a photo editing and managing app from Google, then Google Photos should be your only choice. They are never the same tools because Google Photos is way better than Picasa.

It's really easy to retrieve deleted pictures from Picasa when you have the easiest guideline and the best tool on the internet to use. Using this photo recovery software can be the best choice that you have ever made to recover deleted photos from Picasa in no time. This amazing tool will give a guaranteed safe and successful recovery result that will both save your time and effort. So without wasting any more time on anything else, start using this tool to recover your lost photos from Picasa.

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