SD Card Video Recovery | How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card

Anyone know how to recover deleted videos from an SD card? I deleted an important video on you SD card accidently and now I need to get it back. Is it possible?

It happens all the time that you delete a video on an SD card to save space for new files, only to find that you have done something wrong, for you lost the important videos. Actually, you need to calm down and find a way to recover deleted videos from SD card right away. The sooner the better. The deleted videos are not gone right away, but invisible, waiting for new data to overwrite them.

Best SD Video Recovery Tool to Recover Videos from SD Card

To perform SD card video recovery, you need a professional tool for help. There are many programs on the internet, claimed to be the best one for recover video from SD card after deleting or formatting. However, some of them are not, but for you to scan your SD card. You need to try them out to find the right one. In this article, I'd like to recommend you Deep Data Recovery. It has equipped with the leading technology that can quickly and easily recover deleted video from SD card, USB drive, pen drive, digital camera and more.

Your Professional SD Card Video Recovery Software

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Guide for How to Recover Deleted Video from SD Card

Download the best memory card recovery software to have a free trial now! Below are the simple steps for how to use Deep Data Recovery to retrieve deleted videos from the SD card. Follow the detailed guide to get back your deleted SD Card videos.

Step 1. Connect the SD Card with Your PC

Insert the SD card to your laptop if there is a slot for it. Or you can use an SD card reader to connect it with your desktop or laptop. When connected successfully, an icon for the external hard drive will appear at the bottom right of your computer. Or you can click open "Computer" or "My Computer" to check whether it is there or not.

Step 2. Install the SD Card Video Recovery Tool

Download the trial version of Deep Data Recovery installation package on your computer. It is supports almost all the Windows/Mac. Don't worry about the incompatibility issue. Double-click the installation package to install it on your computer and launch it. From the very first window, you need to keep the "Videos" checked and other file types unchecked. By doing this, it will scan only for videos, not other types of files, saving you time. And then click the "Next" to recover deleted videos from SD card.

Step 3. Select the SD Card to Scan

The SD card video recovery software will detect all the hard drives and external hard drive available for scanning. To save you time, please select the SD card where you have deleted your videos to scan directly. It depends on how many files and file size for the scanning time. Don't worry about that. If you have many files on your SD card, you can let the software scan it and you have a cup of coffee.

Step 4. Recovering Deleted Video from the SD Card

Lastly, all the found videos are displayed in the result window. You can judge by name which one is needed and which one is not. After then, select the ones you need by ticking the checkbox. Next, click "Recover" to recover videos from SD card and save them on your computer. Please, please don't save them again to your SD card, because you may lost them again.

Please note that there is an option named as "Deep Scan" in the result window. It is a powerful feature to scan the hard drive again to look for lost or deleted files. To be honest, it is more powerful than the default scanning mode: Quick Scan. You can try it to find more files.

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