Download Video Recovery App for Android for 2021 - Recover Deleted Videos on Android

With the development of technology for mobile phone, it seems there are all kinds of apps and they are almighty. You can use them like the way you operate with software on computer. However, app is not as powerful as software in some area, like data recovery due to the special limitation of Android OS for developers never allow any third-party app to access to the Android operating system freely. Therefore, if you're looking for video recovery app for Android to recover deleted videos on Android phones and tablets, you're in the wrong way. You can't find few on the Internet. Even though you find some, they will not work well.

Reasons why there aren't many video recovery app for Android?

1st, if you want to recover deleted or lost videos on your Android phone with a video recovery app Android, then the app must need to access to the whole system of the device which is not allowed by the device developer.

2nd, all lost or deleted videos on Android phone are visible, waiting to be overwritten permanently by new data. While you installing the video recovery app for Android, it might cause the permanently video deletion.

What to do to recover videos on Android devices?

Instead of looking for video restore apps for Android to perform the video recovery, you should recover the deleted or lost videos on Android phone via computer and the desktop Android data recovery. There are many sophisticated desktop data recovery tools to recover videos, photos, and more from Android phones you can choose from.

Best Alternative to Video Recovery App – Deep Data Recovery

I strongly recommend you try Deep Data Recovery to recover deleted video on Android devices. It is one of the best alternative to video recovery app. There are some of its main features you may be interested in:

Your Safe & Effective Video Recovery APP

How to Use the Android video recovery app alternative to recover videos on Android device?

Here in the following, I'm going to tell you how to use Deep Data Recovery to recover lost or deleted videos from Android phones and tablets.

Step 1. Download and Install Video Recovery APP

Please click the download link to download the right version of Deep Data Recovery according to your computer operating system. Feel free to follow the built-in wizard to install it on your computer. It is standalone and powerful, you just need to install itself, no extra software is needed.

Step 2. Connect Android Device with Computer

Either you're using a Mac or Windows PC to recover the deleted videos on Android devices, please use a digital cable to connect your Android device with your computer. When connected successfully, it will appear on your computer as an external hard drive.

Note: if you fail to connect the Android device with your computer, you must have forgotten to enable the USB debugging on Android device. It is the feature in "Settings" > "Developer". Try to find it and swipe open.

Step 3. Select Videos to Scan

Launch Deep Data Recovery on your computer. From the start window, uncheck other types of files, only keep the "Videos" checkbox ticked. By doing this, it means the software will only scan for videos. It will saves you time for the scanning process. And then, click "Next".

Step 4. Select Android Phone to Scan

In the newly popped up window, all connected devices as well as the built-in partitions are displayed. Please select the one that represents for the Android phone and click "Scan".

Step 5. Select Deleted or Lost Videos to Recover

A progress bar in the main window will tell you how it is going with the scanning process. When it is finished, all found videos are listed in the main window. You can filter for the ones you need by setting up the video format type in the left side, and then preview them on the right. When find the target videos, select them and click "Recover", find a place on your computer to save them. Don't save the recovered videos back to your Android phone again, it might get lost again.

Please note that there is an option named as "Deep Scan" in the result window. It is a powerful feature to scan the hard drive again to look for lost or deleted files. To be honest, it is more powerful than the default scanning mode: Quick Scan. You can try it to find more files.

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