Can I Recover Files from a Formatted Hard Drive?

You can recover data on formatted hard drive if you can protect the hard drive from being overwritten and make use of Deep Data Recovery with the right steps at the right time. The procedure is quite easy and simple, scan hard drive, preview, and recover files from a formatted hard drive. Get the software at hand before getting down to the task!

The answer to the question is "it depends". What does it mean? You should know that whether you formatted the hard drive purposely or accidentally, you must follow the procedure to protect your data from losing permanently.

Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Software – Deep Data Recovery

When you search for "how to recover data on formatted hard drive", you can get some information for some software tools. Here I'd like to recommend Deep Data Recovery. It's a professional yet easy-to-use software, recovering data from formatted hard drive with a high recovery rate. It's an amazing software, covering almost all the features you need to recover data on formatted hard drive.

Your Effective & Safe Format Drive Recovery Program

You can also click this download link to get Format Drive Recovery Program

Step 1. Install hard drive formatted recovery software

You can click the download link to get the right installation package for your computer. They're a standalone tool for Windows PC and Mac separately. Both of them work the same. Please do not save and install this format recovery software on the formatted hard drive. It will overwrite the formatted data in the hard drive. Save and install it on another hard drive on your computer.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

Launch this tool. From the first window, you can see all supported file types are selected. The software is ready to scan your hard drive, looking for all the formatted files in the hard drive. If you do not have specified file types to scan, you can keep all the file types selected and click "Next" to recover data from formatted hard drive on Mac or Windows PC. If you do have very important files to restore, you can prioritize the file types to scan.

Step 3. Select the formatted hard drive to scan

Next, you can see all the hard drives available on your computer, including external hard drives if you have connected. Please select the formatted hard drive and click "Scan", letting the software scans it, looking for files lost in the formatted hard drive.

Step 4. Recover data on formatted hard drive

If there are many files lost after your hard drive formatted. It might take longer for the software to finish the scanning. There is a progress bar, telling you how it goes on with the scanning. Please be patient and wait for it to finish. When it is done, you can see all found files from the formatted hard drive as put into categories in the left panel. When find the target files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Do not put the recovered files to the formatted hard drive. It might cause data loss again.

The "Deep Scan" option is in the result window. You can try it. It will scan your formatted hard drive over again, looking deeper to scan more files from a formatted hard drive.

My suggestion: if there are important files on your hard drive, you're supposed to back up the files or folders regularly. After all, no one knows what will happen. You can use Qiling Disk Master to schedule back up. Anyway, do not worry about data loss. When it happens, try Deep Data Recovery to recover files from the formatted hard drive as soon as possible. Try this formatted drive recovery software now!!!

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