HP Pen Drive Recovery – How to Recover Files from HP Pen Drive

HP pen drive is one of the most famous external drives for users to store files and data. It carries the data with people anywhere they go, helping them store important files, like business contracts, thesis, important data, etc. It is convenient for people to take the pen drive with them. However, it still happens that people need to perform HP pen drive recovery, recovering data which lost for many reasons like follows:

No matter in what kind of scenarios, if you want to do HP pen drive data recovery, you need tool for HP pen drive. Here I'd like to recommend you Deep Data Recovery for Windows. The best HP pen drive recovery Mac or Windows PC software is professional to recover all kinds of data from HP pen drive. Check out the salient features first:

How HP Pen Drive Recovery Software Works?

All files saved on HP pen drive are not gone when deleted or formatted. Though they're invisible, they're still there, waiting for new data to occupy the space they've once occupied, namely overwrite the old data. With this theory, the HP pen drive data recovery tool is designed for users to scan for these files invisible, both the files with complete file properties or incomplete. When finding them, you can save them to your computer again.

Your Safe & Effective Recover HP Pen Drive Tool

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HP Pen Drive Data Recovery Software Free Download – Recover Data Now!

Here in the following, I'm going to tell you how to recover data from HP pen drive with the pen drive data recovery online software. First of all, please click the download button to get the installation package for the tool. You need to choose the right version according to the operating system of your computer.

Step 1. Next, please connect your HP pen drive with your computer. Please make sure your computer detects your HP pen drive. Only in this way, the recover HP pen drive application will scan the USB flash drive.

Step 2. Launch the HP pen drive recovery software and select the file types you want to recover from it in the main window. Keep them checked. And click "Next".

Step 3. From the next window, please select the HP pen drive to scan and click "Scan". It starts to work right away. After then, you can see files are found from the HP pen drive.

Step 4. How long it takes for the scanning process fully depends on how many files it can find from the HP pen drive. More files mean longer time. Don't worry, you can keep it run background. When it finished, filter out the files you need from the left side panel. Next, preview the selected files. If found any files you want to recover, check them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

By default, the first scan you're using is Quick Scan. It runs faster for the deleted or lost files. There is the option in the result window "Deep Scan". It will scan more carefully for the lost files, even files with incomplete file properties.

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