How to Recover Formatted HDD Data with Unformat HHD Software

"Hello there. I was looking for help/advice from anyone who knows how to recover formatted HDD data. I accidentally formatted my hard disk E:\ that contains home movies, photos, music and my reports"

For everyone who accidently formatted their HDD and want to recove HDD data, here are my suggestions:

Don't try to unformat HDD without any assurance you can do it, but hastily click here and there hastily on the computer. It is not only useless, but will cause the permanently loss of your original files in the HDD. Please keep in mind that after you format the HDD, all files, including photos, movies, documents are still there, but invisible. You need to stop using your computer right away and turn to suggestion 2. If no new data is created or generated, it is very likely you will restore them to your formatted HDD again without problem. However, if you continue to using your computer after the formatting, some part of the data will gone permanently.

Try to use a professional unformat hdd tool to recover formatted HDD data. It will help you get twofold results with half the effort. And you will never worry about any mis-operation for unformat the HDD.

For the first suggestion, it is easy for people to keep in mind. As for the second suggestion, some people would get confused and don't know how to find unformat HDD data recovery software since there are dozens of choices in Google result page. Don't worry. I have a choice for you, that is Deep Data Recovery.

Deep Data Recovery is a great data recovery tool that has helped thousands of people recover their lost data. Compared with other such kind of software, The unformat hard drive software supports not only formatting recovery, it can be deleted recovery from hard drive, USB drive, SD card etc. All the commonly used file types are fully supported, including photos in various format, movies, audio files, emails, documents, PPT, worksheet, and more. And it is quite easy to use, making no difficulty for users to use it. Here are the steps for how to use Deep Data Recovery to unformat HDD.

Your Safe & Effective Unformat HDD Tool

Step 1. Download the unformat HDD tool

The unformat HDD tool is virus free and fully compatible with Windows or Mac. You can click the download button below to get it on your computer. Double-click the installation package .exe to install it on your PC. It is very easy.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

From the main window, you can see 6 major file types are supported and selected. They are email, document, graphics, audio, video and other files. If you want to unformat your HDD entirely, then just click the "Next" button. If you only want to restore some part of data on the HDD, then only keep the wanted ones checked and uncheck the unneeded ones before clicking the "Next" button.

Step 3. Select the formatted HDD to scan

In the next window, all hard drive disks available on your computer are displayed. You need to find the HDD you want to unformat and select it. When selected, there is a dark blue block over it. Next, click "Scan" to let the software scan the formatted data for you.

Step 4. Unformat HDD

How long it will take to finish the scanning process depends on the size of data on your formatted HDD. Less data it finds, then shorter time it takes. In this case, you're lucky if it takes long to scan your HDD, because it means it will get you more result. After that, in the result window, you can preview the found files and click "Recover" to save them on your HDD again.

If the result lacks of data on you need, please try the "Deep Scan" feature. It will scan your HDD from head to toe, making sure every data is found and displayed.

My Suggest for Formatting HDD

Don't formatting your HDD. If you need to do it, you should at least backup it or backup important files. You know, it is a great habits to keep 2 or 3 copies of your important data in case you lose one copy someday. It is not wise to format HDD. Formatting may cause new computer erros. That's what I've learnt from my previous experience. If you want some files removed permanently, just try Qiling File Shredder and they will gone forever.

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