Pen Drive Data Recovery Online for 2021 – Recover Files from Pen Drive Files

When you search on the Internet, you can see people are asking "how to recover deleted files from pen drive online", "how to do pen drive recovery online?", "how can I online data recovery from usb drive?" and even the worst, "how can I repair my pen drive online?". Pen drive has become the most popular device to store and carry digital items. On one hand, it's very convenient for people to manage files. At another hand, it's risky to lost files as well due to a pen drive crash, deleted, damaged, formatted, displays as RAW etc.

It's a torture for people when lost files or can't access their pen drive. A pen drive always contains important reports, photos, documents, etc. That's why people are looking for the quickest solution: pen drive recovery online software, pen drive data recovery CMD, how to recover deleted files from pen drive without using software, and so on.

Is it Possible to Pen Drive Recovery Online, CMD or Without Software?

First, there is no pen drive data recovery online software. You should understand that the software must access your pen drive when you try to recover data. But, for your computer's security, the system does not allow any online pen drive recovery program to access your local computer, let alone pen drive. If there is any so-called pen drive data recovery online software, it might let you download some drivers for the pen drive device, trying to fix the corruption issues.

Second, pen drive data recovery CMD means the command prompt for pen drive data recovery. To be honest, it is useless. Generally, it works for your computer, not for your pen drive. You can think in this way, you delete files on the computer, then they are put in the trash bin. You delete files in pen drive on the computer, they disappear right away, not in the trash bin at all.

Third, you can not recover deleted files from pen drive without software unless you have backups. Deleted files are still on your pen drive but invisible by you. You cannot do it manually, without the help of software.

Simple Way to Recover Pen Drive Data with Recovery Tool

There are many professional yet affordable software available for you to choose from, making your pen drive data recovery process easy, simple yet effective. Deep Data Recovery is such kind of tool you can trust. It supports all kinds of pen drives, letting you recover most over 200 types of files from the pen drive. Most important of all, you can try it for free. After making sure, the online USB data recovery tool is able to recover files from pen drive, USB drive, Mac or Windows and unformat pen drive , disk/partition, memory card, USB drive or other drives, you can use it at last.

Your Effective Online Pen Drive Data Recovery Software

You can also click this download link to get the Pen Drive Data Recovery Software

Guide for How to Recover Deleted/Lost Files from Pen Drive

Here in the following are the simple steps for how to use the data recovery from pen drive online download software to quickly recover lost, deleted or formatted files from pen drive. You can take it as reference:

Step 1. Connect pen drive with computer

Connect your pen drive with your computer, making sure it is detected by your computer. Next, download and install Deep Data Recovery on your computer. You need to choose the right version, Windows or Mac data recovery, according to your computer OS.

Step 2. Select file types to recover

Launch the online pen drive data recovery software. From the main window, please only keep the file types you want to recover checked and selected. By default, all supported files are selected. It will slow download the pen drive data recovery process with the unwanted files selected to recover. Click "Next" to begin.

Step 3. Select pen drive to scan

Next, you can see all drives on the computer, as well as your pen drive are listed in the main window. Please select the pen drive and click "Scan" to perform pen drive data recovery.

Step 4. Recover files from pen drive

During the scanning process, you can see files are find by the software. They are sorted into categories on the left. If the files you're looking for are found, you can stop the scanning process right away. Preview the files and recover them to your computer by selecting "Recover".

By default, the Quick Scan is used in the first place. Quick Scan is effective to scan pen drive for deleted or lost files. However, if you do not find the target files in the result, you should try "Deep Scan" in the result window. It will scan deeper and more careful, trying harder to help you find the lost files.

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