Olympus Photo Recovery | How to Recover Photos from Olympus Camera

It happens very often in the Olympus camera that photos get lost due to accidental deletion, carelessness, formatted SD card or some virus. It can also happen due to some unpredictable factors such as failure of the storage system, power failure of the device. In such cases, people often search how I recover deleted photos from Olympus camera, Olympus photo recovery or recover photos from Olympus camera and more. But you don't have to worry so much about the problem as there is a 100% chance that you will be able to recover Olympus camera photos.

In the article, we are providing you a solution that will ensure that you can recover photos from Olympus camera.

Best Olympus Recovery Software to Recover Photos from Olympus Camera

The Olympus photo recovery of a file is quite a risk because there are chances that you might use the wrong software in your first attempt and your files get lost permanently. Hence it is important that you chose smartly. And what is a better choice than using the Deep Data Recovery Software for Olympus photo recovery? The iDiskhome recovery tool is a complete solution for all the iPhone, Windows or Mac data recovery requirements of users. Whether it is a word file, and audio files, or photos from a camera, the software can recover them all. It also provides a simple and easy interface to ensure that the users get simplicity with advanced features. Don't worry if your storage is formatted, inaccessible, mistakenly deleted or displays as RAW, the Deep Data Recovery software is here to provide you a solution to all your problems. It is an effective and 100% reliable photo recovery software.

Your Safe & Effective Olympus Camera Photo Recovery Tool

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How to use Deep Data Recovery to Recover Photos from Olympus Camera

To use the Olympus recovery software to recover photos from Olympus camera, the proper instruction is given as follows:

Step 1. At first download Deep Data Recovery Software from the official website. When the software is downloaded, install it on your computer.

Step 2. Now, launch the software on your computer and connect the SD card or the storage card which is used on the Olympus camera. When the card is properly inserted it will be detected by the software and displayed on the screen.

Step 3. And, only keep the "Pictures" is selected and click on the "Next" button. In the next screen, all the storage space that is available on the device will be displayed. From the list find your storage card.

Step 4. Select the storage card and then click on Scan. It will gather up all the files that have been lost recently and will display it on the screen. The software will also sort out all the files according to their format.

Step 5. Now, locate the photos that you want to recover from Olympus. You can select multiple photos at a time and can also have a preview of all the photos that are selected. You must have a preview to ensure that the files you are recovering are not corrupted otherwise all your work will go in vain. And then, tap on "Recover" option to recover photos from Olympus camera.

And you have all your photos that have been lost from the storage card. The downloading of the photos might take some time if the list is big. But if you only have to recover a few photos, then the recovery process will be done as fast as possible.

Tips on how to ensure a better recovery result

As we have already discussed Olympus recovery software, here, we are going to discuss some useful tips that would play a vital role in the recovery process of the photos. For Olympus photo recovery, you must keep certain things in mind which are discussed in the following part:

1. Stop using the Camera to avoid Data Overwritten

It is better that you put a stop to the use of the camera instantly. There are higher chances of damage if you will keep using the camera. If you keep using the camera, the new files will override the old files cache copy and the chances of recovery will reduce with every new photo taken from the camera.

2. Remove the SD card from the camera to stop Data Overwritten

The Olympus camera uses a special xD-Picture Card for storage which is not that common in the market. But the recent camera uses the SD card and CompactFlash cards which are easily available. So, no matter what card you are using in your camera. Just take it out and keep it in a safe place so that the already stored data can be overwritten.

3. Recover Photos from Olympus as soon as possible

It is better that you rush the process of Olympus photo recovery because if you delay the recovery there are chances that your photos might get lost permanently.

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