Canon Memory Card Recovery | Recover Photos/Videos from Canon Camera Card

canon photos or videos recovery

"Canon camera memory card was accidentally formatted. Is there any way for me to recover the videos and photos from the Canon camera memory card or Canon camera card recovery? I want to have a try. It is painful to lose my data." - by Sandy

It is a disaster for people who lost important photos and videos from Canon cameras. However, you have to face the fact that you really lost them due to all kinds of reasons. And the make up way is to find a Canon camera memory card recovery software tool for help. It might help you recover videos and photos from Canon camera memory card on Windows or Mac.

Overview of the Best Canon Camera Memory Card Recovery Software

Among the memory card recovery software tools, I'd like to recommend you Deep Data Recovery. It allows you to recover photos and videos from Canon SD memory card easily and effectively. Here are the reasons why I recommend it to you.

#1. The Canon camera card recovery software supports data lost in all kinds of scenarios.

#2.The data recovery for Canon camera memory card software supports photos and videos in all the commonly used formats.

A foolproof way to recover photos and videos from Canon memory card.

All you need is to run the Canon camera memory card recovery software on your computer, connect your Canon memory card with computer, letting the software scan for deleted, lost or formatted photos, videos and more. Select need files for recovery. Download the Canon memory card recovery software to have a try now!

Your Effective Canon Memory Card Recovery Software

You can also click this download link to get Canon Memory Card Recovery Software

Here in the following are the simple step-by-step guide for how to recover photos and videos from Canon memory card.

Step 1. Connect Canon memory card with the computer

Use a USB cable to connect your Canon camera with your computer or remove the memory card from the device, and connect it with your Mac or PC via an e-card reader. Make sure your computer can detect it as an external hard drive.

Note: my suggestion is that you'd better connect the Canon memory card to your computer via an e-card reader. It will reduce the chance to get lost data overwritten permanently. You know, you need to keep your device standstill until you perform the Canon camera card recovery. Otherwise, you'll fail to recover any wanted data. In this case, if you need the memory card on Canon camera, any further operation on the computer will cause data lost forever.

Step 2. Select file types to recover

Launch the Canon memory card recovery software. In the main window, only keep the file types you want to recover and uncheck other types of files. For example, if you need to recover photos, then check the option "Pictures" and click "Next".

Step 3. Select the Canon memory card to scan

The next window shows you all the partitions of the computer as well as external hard drives. You need to select the one that stands for your Canon memory card. Next, click "Scan" to find and recover files from Canon camera memory card.

Step 4. Canon memory card recovery

It might takes longer for the Canon memory card recovery software to scan for the lost photos and videos if you have deleted many files. Don't worry! It's a great news for the software to find more for you. You can keep the software scanning the Canon memory card on the background and do your other task. When it finished, you can select files to preview and click "Recover" to save wanted ones.

In the result window, you can see an option named as "Deep Scan". It is designed for people to scanning the hard drive deeper for the lost files. By default, you're using the Quick Scan. If you're not content with the results, you can try this feature to find more files for you.

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