How to Recover Videos and Photos from Sony Camcorder

" Hi, anyone knows whether is it possible to recover deleted videos and photos from Sony Camcorder or perform Sony Camcorder data recovery on Windows or Mac? I removed all photos and videos from my Sony camcorder memory card. I've tried everything I know, but it is useless. "

You always see such kind of question at Quora. It's a common problem that people always delete photos and videos from format camera unintentionally or have to format the SD card for the camera or camcorder. If you're one of them, then in the following you'll learn how to recover deleted videos and photos from the camcorder and unformat SD card from camcorder. For this article, let's make it specifically how to recover videos and photos from Sony Camcorder.

How is it possible to recover videos and photos from Sony Camcorder?

To explain the possibility, I have to explain how SD card works first. As we know, all SD card has limited storage. In this case, if it is almost full, it will remind us to clear the useless files. While we delete a file (files), the file or files are marked as useless in the SD card, waiting to be overwritten by new data. It likes how we use Blackboard. Only by erasing the old content, we can use it as a new one. All the deleted files are in Sony camcorder, but invisible. With the help of a professional Sony Camcorder data recovery software, we can recover data from Sony Camcorder to a computer.

How to recover deleted photos and videos from Sony Camcorder

The data recovery software we're going to use to recover deleted photos and videos from Sony Camcorder is Deep Data Recovery. Why choose it, since there are many kinds of so-called Sony Camcorder data recovery? Deep Data Recovery is a well-known tool used by thousands of people around the world. It works great, and needless payment. Here are some of its main features you might be interested:

Your Effective Sony Camcorder Data Recovery Software

Here in the following, I'm going to explain how to use Deep Data Recovery to recover videos from Sony Camcorder and recover videos from Sony Camcorder.

Step 1. Connect your Sony camcorder with your computer via a USB cable. To get a better result, the best way is to remove the SD card from the Sony Camcorder and connect it to the computer. As you know, any further operation on the Sony Camcorder will affect the recovery result in the SD card since all your deleted videos and photos are in the SD card.

Step 2. Click the Download button below to get the free trial version of Deep Data Recovery. Before you get everything, trying the Sony Camcorder data recovery software is really important. It will tell you whether your deleted videos and photos are there or are overwritten. It has separate versions for Windows PC and Mac. Please select the right version according to your computer OS.

Step 3. From the main window, please select only the file types, namely "Pictures" and "Videos" you want to recover from Sony Camcorder. It will save your time. All you need is to uncheck the other types of files and click "Next" to perform Sony Camcorder data recovery.

Step 4. From the next window, you're supposed to choose the SD card or digital device on which you've deleted Sony camcorder videos and photos. And then click "Scan" to recover deleted photos from Sony Camcorder and recover deleted videos from Sony Camcorder.

Step 5. The Sony camcorder data recovery software scans all the device or SD card for the deleted videos and photos. It might take a while since videos and photos file size is large generally. Be patient. After the scan, you can see photos and videos are put into categories and are listed on the right side. You can select them and view them on the left side. When finding the right ones, select them and click "Recover", find a place on your computer to save them.

If you're not satisfied with the recovery result, please try "Deep Scan" in the result window. It will scan deeper for more sults.

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