How to Recover Videos and Photos from GoPro SD Card

As a GoPro camera user, the best and most important thing they concern is how to keep their videos and photos well and safe. However, due to SD card issue, like SD card corruption, formatting, or can't be recognized by computer, as well as GoPro app issue for failed to transfer videos and photos to computer, people face the problem of losing or deleting videos and photos from GoPro. To solve the problem, I suggest people install the GoPro data recovery on computer in case of any above mentioned issue occur.

The GoPro recovery software I recommend is Deep Data Recovery. It is a professional data recovery tool developed to recover lost or deleted files from computer hard drives as well as all the devices that can be connected to the computer, including USB flash drive, memory stick, SD cards, CF cards, as well as a GoPro camera.

As a great GoPro data recovery tool, it fully supports the videos captured with GoPro. Whenever you find the videos in GoPro are lost, or you have deleted videos accidentally, you can connect the GoPro camera to the computer, launch the GoPro data recovery software to recover gopro files. It is the same with photo recovery from GoPro. You can check out the tech spec for detailed information. Never worry about whether you can use it recover deleted or lost GoPro files on Mac or Windows PC. It has separate versions for both Windows computer and Mac.

Your Safe & Effective GoPro Data Recovery Software

How to Recover Videos and Photos from GoPro SD Card?

It is quite simple to recover files from GoPro camera, either videos or photos. You don't have to be a professor in the computer to run the GoPro data recovery software. It is as easy as ABC. You just need to connect GoPro to the computer, launch the software, scan the GoPro camera, and select files to recover. Here is the user guide for details.

Step 1. Connect GoPro with Computer

Use a USB cable to connect GoPro with your computer or Mac. It is the simplest way to connect., but a safer way could be remove the SD card from the GoPro and then connect the SD card with your computer. It will never cause any data overwritten. When connected successfully, you can see an external hard drive appears on your computer desktop.

Step 2. Download and Install the GoPro Data Recovery

Click the download button to choose the right version of GoPro data recovery according to the operating system on your computer. All the versions are the latest ones.

Step 3. Select File Types to Scan

Launch GoPro Recovery software. From the main window, you can see all supported files are selected. If there are only videos and photos on your GoPro storage, you just need to keep the "Videos" & "Pictures" checked, unchecking other types of files. Click "Next" to forward the process.

Step 4. Select SD Card/GoPro to Scan

In the next window, you're required to select the hard drive which your GoPro is used for storing files. Select it and click "Scan", letting the software to scan for the deleted or lost files there.

Step 5. Recover Deleted Videos/Photos from GoPro SD card

There is a progress bar on the software, telling you how it goes on with the scanning process. When it finished, all files will be sorted into category, letting you filter out the ones you need. Next, preview the files and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Please don't save the recovered deleted GoPro files to GoPro or GoPro SD card again. They may get overwritten.

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