QILING Reseller/Distributor Program

The QILING Distributor/Reseller Program will enable participants to increase their product portfolio with high profit margin products and minimal inventory investment. If you are interested in it, please click here.

Key Benefits:

  • Low wholesales prices:
    We offer our partner very competitive wholesaling discount, based up to 50%. The more you order, the lower you offer.
  • High-quality products:
    Our products are of high quality in relative industrial field in that we have very professional and experienced developing teams.
  • Extra discount promotion:
    Key resellers will have the chance to join special promotion within limited time.
  • Flexible customization:
    Besides, we also provide product customization for local markets. We can offer products according to your requirements such as localization. We hope to cooperate with resellers focused on specific countries or regions. But we prefer individual negotiations rather than just laying down fixed terms and conditions, because we regard sales volumes and commitments to promote our products as key factors in determining partnerships between both sides.
  • Free customer service provided by us:
    We provide free Customer Service for your customers. We offer all the service after your selling, so you don't have to do.
  • Competitive license fees:
    We provide competitive license fees for our distributors and publishers. The license fees will be negotiated, depending on the quantity and the market.

For any request or question of our distributor & publisher program, please email to sales@idiskhome.com.