How to Reset Canon Rebel DSLR to factory settings

Can you imagine professional photography without DSLR? No, it's not possible. The reason lies in the availability of vast customization options. So, it'd be a matter of great regret to lose our photos while resetting. This article will tell you how to reset canon camera and stay creative without losing any of your photos.

What are the reasons for resetting your Canon Rebel DSLR?

On the way of learning photography, we reset our DSLR many times for various reasons. We often reset particular module. But sometimes, it becomes necessary to reset canon camera to factory settings

All of us are not a technical person. So, it's common for us to take the easy solution to a problem which is performing the factory reset. We can lose some data while taking the easy steps. But don't worry because, at the end of this article, we'll show you how to recover the lost data.

Now, let's talk about how to do the reset Canon Rebel DSLR to factory settings.

How to reset my canon camera?

We've talked about the reasons. Now, it's time to see the procedure to perform a factory reset to my Canon Rebel DSLR. This procedure applicable for all Rebel models.

There you go. All done. Let's take a look at a short video on how to reset all Canon Rebel DSLRs.

Note: Resetting Canon camera to factory settings will result in data lost completely from the device. To retrieve your data back, you should try canon camera memory card recovery.

How to recover lost videos and photos from canon camera?

To recover deleted or formatted data from almost any device with a memory, it requires a data recovery software. Deep Data Recovery software is that type of tool you need to recover your valuable pictures, videos, or anything easily and quickly.

The software has the free version so that you can have a look at its performance without paying any money. If you like the software, you can buy it for your Windows or Mac. The following sections will give you a brief description of features of Qiling and how you can recover your data with it.

Your Safe & Effective Canon Camera Recovery Tool

How to recover formatted or deleted data from Canon camera

You must be thinking why should I use data recovery software where I always back up my data before a factory reset? Well, don't we make mistakes all the time? This procedure helps recover the accidental deletion of photos. This will help recover data not only from your camera's memory but also from your thumb drives. So, let's see how to recover formatted data from Canon camera using Deep Data Recovery.

Step 1: At first, download the software from here. It has Windows or Mac data recovery versions. Please select the version for your system and install it.

Step 2: Then connect your camera to your PC. Open Deep data recovery and select the file type you want to recover from your SD card.

Step 3: Next, select the targeted SD card and click "Scan".

Step 4: After finishing scanning, you'll see all your deleted photos. Now, select the images you want to recover and click on "Recover"

That's it. You've got your precious moments back within minutes without any hassle.

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