How to Reset GoPro Hero 3/4 to Factory Settings Without Data Loss

Sometimes, to make GoPro work, you have to reset it. Here in the article, two parts are covered: how to reset GoPro Hero and how to recover files lost due to reset GoPro with Deep Data Recovery. Check out the details and prevent data loss from GoPro.

It's always necessary to reset GoPro if it's not performing well or you want to remove the Wi-Fi and password from it. Applying factory reset GoPro hero 3/4 is a good step while troubleshooting for fixing an issue in your devices.

Part 1. How to Reset GoPro Hero 3/4 to Factory Settings

Note that, you will not be able to apply the below steps if your GoPro generation is older than HERO 3.

Factory reset for HERO 3/3+ (black and silver edition)

While The GoPro is off, press and hold down the shutter button (the top button).

While still holding the shutter button, press the power button (on the front of the camera).

The camera will now power on and it will reset to the original settings.

Reset HERO 4 to Factory Settings (black and silver edition)

While the camera is on, press the Mode button (front button) until you see the "Setup Gear" icon.

Navigate to the setup screen (the gear icon).

Press the Shutter button (the top button) in order to select it.

Press the Mode button (the forward facing button, on the front of the camera) until "reset cam" is highlighted.

Using the shutter button (the top button) select this option "reset cam".

When your camera turns on again, the settings will be all reset to the original settings.

Note that before resetting your GoPro to factory settings, you need to backup all the photos and videos in your camera to avoid the data loss, as does the factory reset will for sure remove all the data on your camera.

Part 2. How to Recover Lost Photos and Videos after GoPro Reset

In case that you've done the reset GoPro hero 3, 4 or other models and didn't back up your photos and videos and you lost them; All that you need to do is to use Deep Data Recovery and you will easily have all the photos and videos back again.

Your Safe & Effective Reset GoPro Data Recovery Software

Quick Scan - the program quickly scans the GoPro hero to find recently deleted or lost files.

Deep Scan - it will deeply scan the chosen device in order to find every recoverable file on the device.

How to Restore GoPro Reset Lost Data with Deep Data Recovery

You can easily use Deep data recovery to restore all lost photos and videos on your GoPro Hero 3/4. First of all, you can directly connect your GoPro camera to the computer via USB cable, then check whether it shows on your computer or not. If it's not showing on your computer you will need to take out the memory card and use a card reader if necessary for the computer to read the memory card. Once your computer detects your GoPro or the memory card you can open this utility to start the GoPro recovery after factory resetting GoPro hero 3/4.

Step 1: select the file types that you want to recover.

Once you open the reset GoPro recovery program all file types are checked automatically, you will find several file types but if you want to recover a certain type you can easily uncheck and remove other unwanted file types, and you can also check "All File Types" to select exactly what you want. After choosing the file type, click the "Start" button in order to start recovering deleted files from GoPro on Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Select a GoPro hero to scan or find data.

Select a location for the program in order for it to find the data, such as the GoPro SD card. Deep data recovery recover data will scan the specified location you've chosen, whether the entire hard drive or external storage devices, to search for lost data. Deep data recovery will then preview what it found.

Step 3: Recover Reset GoPro Hero data lost.

The upper part of the window will show the scan result after it finishes the Quick scan and guides you to "Deep Scan" for more GoPro Hero data if needed. You will find a tree-shaped directory at the left of the main window, this tree-shaped directory can guide you to view your lost files as the path or file types. The middle part will show you all the files and folders under the selected folders in the left window with more information. The right side of the window displays a thumbnail and info for the file selected in the middle window.

If there are some lost files that you didn't find or cannot be opened after you've done the Quick Scan recovery, then you will need to click on "Deep Scan" at the upper part of the window in order to find the lost data. The deep scan will scan every sector or the device, so it will take some time to complete the scanning when you press of "Deep Scan" and it starts scanning you will find a pause button if you want to pause the scanning and return to it later.

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