QILING Safe Disk software

QILING Safe Disk Standard

This product is an outstanding data security tool. Support of flash media and USB hard disk drives, so that no one will be able to access your data if you lose it.


QILING Safe Disk keeps your confidential data in a strongly encrypted form on your disk and provides you with transparent access to it from any application. Safe Disk is a program that allows the creation and use of virtual encrypted drives. You create a container file on an existing hard drive which is created with a specific password. The virtual drive can then only be accessed with the correct password. Without the correct password the files on the virtual drive are totally inaccessible. Once the password has been entered correctly and the drive is mounted the new virtual drive can then be used as a normal drive, files can be saved and retrieved to the drive. Maximum size of an encrypted drive mapped to a correspondent container file is 2048 GBytes. Upgrades: Upgrades are free. System requirements: All Windows. Algorithm: Safe Disk uses Blowfish (448 bit keysize), AES (256 bit keysize), GOST (256 bit keysize) and 3DES (168 bit keysize).

In Any Case, We Can Help You protect All Data

The Best Protection for Your Data

The perfect solution for protecting your sensitive information from theft or other attacks. The program makes a part of your current hard Disk into a Secure Disk. All private and confidential information stored on this Disk will be protected by strong encryption.

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How to Used the Windows Safe Disk Utility