Product Update and Upgrade

QILING Disk Master 6.0 Changes:
  Update user interaction Interface.
  Support PIN password for Windows 10 or Windows 11.
  Support HD display in WinPE.
  Support new hardware.
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If you have purchased our product before, you may want to upgrade/update your program. This form is for single user product license. If you hold multiple licenses, or are in the education, government, or non-profit sector, please contact us for the best possible upgrade price.

Software Update is FREE

QILING offers all of our customers Free product updates. Update is defined as follows: The version you purchased is under the same large version of the latest version. For example, v2.1, v2.2, ... v2.x all of these versions are update versions and are FREE.

2-step to update for free:
Step 1: download the latest version of the product from the QILING product page.
Step 2: input the license number of the old version when installing the new update version.
Note: To be eligible for the FREE update, you must have a valid license (serial number) under the same large version of the latest version.

Software Upgrade

QILING offers big discounts (50% OFF) for our customers to upgrade products. For example, upgrade v2.x to v3.x. Please input a license number in the box and submit it. You will then be asked to select a product to upgrade to for a corresponding discounted price. You will be provided with a download link as well as a new license key for your new product version after purchasing is complete.

For customers who have purchased "Lifetime Free Upgrades" are free to get every major release and every latest version.

If you want to upgrade, please email to

Note: If you have received the giveaway license number, this license number is only for special version, and update and upgrade is not free.