3 Ways for How to Wipe a USB Flash Drive Clean in Windows 10

Qiling file eraser tool is the best software to wipe a USB drive clean with data not recoverable. And also if you do not mind whether the wiped files can be recovered or not, try formatting it or wiping it with Command Line.

USB drives are really helpful for us to transfer files or even store important files for future use. Sometimes a USB drive can get corrupted for various reasons like virus attack, hardware or software issue. When this kind of error happens and the drive becomes inaccessible, you must know how to wipe a USB drive in Windows 10. Knowing this information can help you save the USB drive and make it usable again.

If you don't know how to wipe a flash drive clean in Windows 10, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have described multiple methods to wipe a USB flash drive clean in a Windows 10 computer with easy step by step process. So without wasting time on useless methods, let's jump into the details of this article to get proper help.

Method 1. How to Wipe a USB Drive in Windows by Formatting It

If you want to get some more space to store new data in your USB drive or maybe you just want to erase the drive to use it again, simply formatting the drive can solve the problem easily. In this part, we have described a step by step process of how to wipe a USB flash drive clean by formatting it easily. To format a USB Drive, you need to go through the following steps:

Method 2. How to Wipe a USB Flash Drive Clean by Using Command Line

If normal formatting doesn't work for you, then you can wipe a USB flash drive clean in Windows 10 by using command line. This part is complicated and you must follow the steps and type the right commands to perform the clean-up process. If you make a mistake then it may cause other problems. So proceed with full caution. Rest assured, if you follow the below guideline in a step by step process, you may find the process easy. Perform the following steps if you don't know how to wipe a USB flash drive clean in Windows 10 by using command line:

Method 3. How to Wipe a USB Flash Drive Clean in Windows 10

The web is packed with apps, both free and charged, that promise one-click wiping solutions. Sadly, these are old, obsolete, dangerous, or just too costly to deliver. That's why we suggest the data eraser tool is the best when you want to wipe a USB Flash. To be honest, method 1 and method 2 cannot wipe files in a USB drive permanently. Files can be recovered with data recovery software, like Deep Data Recovery.

Only with a professional data eraser software tool, USB drive can be wiped clean. QILING File Shredder is one of the erasers that can help you to wipe up all the data from your USB drive that can never be recovered. The powerful program Qiling file wipe toll helps you to wipe unwanted and sensitive data from specific files, folders, desktop, partitions, or disks to protect your full privacy.

Your Safe & Effective Wipe USB Drive Application

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Guide to Wipe a USB Drive Clean with Qiling File Shredder

Step 1: Download and install the program on your computer. Connect the USB drive to your computer as well.

Step 2: Once the program is installed and launched, you click "Tools and utilities" tab on the main window, and then click "File shredder" on it.

Step 3: Next, you need to select the USB drive from the next window of your computer. And this program will also allow you to set up how many times the software will delete the file/folder.

Step 4: Finally, you need to click on the "Proceed" button to start shredding the files inside the USB drive. After the whole USB drive is wiped clean, you will get a pop up window that will say "File(s) shred has been completed".

To conclude, you now know various methods of how to wipe a USB flash drive clean in Windows 10 easily. These methods can help you clean the USB drive and make it usable again. All of the 3 methods are useful but if you want to go for the easiest and most secure method, then you should use Qiling File Shredder. This is one of the most powerful and effective tool that can wipe clean any drive or storage easily in a few clicks. So without wasting your time on any other ways, start using the best file shredder on the market.

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