Zoom Meeting Disappeared for No Reason? Fix It and Recover Zoom Meetings Now

Zoom Meeting application brings great convenience for most people who need to run meetings or webinars over the network. Enjoying the benefits of Zoom meetings, some users also come across multiple errors on the application. 

One top consulted error is "Zoom meeting disappeared" on the screen or the meeting list. So how to fix this issue? On this page, we are about to help you address this issue. So follow to find the causes and solutions to bring back your Zoom meetings now.

Zoom Meetings Disappeared, Help!
Get Back on Zoom Meeting, Restoring Disappeared Zoom Meetings
Why Did My Zoom Meeting Disappear and How to Avoid This Error

Error: Zoom Meetings Disappeared, Help!

What should I do when my Zoom meetings disappeared? First, check if you are with one of the symptoms with the Zoom Meeting application.


Zoom meeting disappeared

How to Get Back on Zoom Meeting, Restoring Disappeared Zoom Meetings (3+ Solutions)

Note that it doesn't matter if you don't know the exact causes of Zoom meeting disappeared error. Follow the respective solutions one by one, you can make the Zoom meeting showing up successfully.

Quick Fixes for Zoom Meeting Disappeared in Apps:

Here are some quick tips that you can follow fixes here one by one and check if the disappeared meeting shows up:

If nothing works here, move on and follow the solutions below for help.

Zoom Official Solution 1 - Check Exact Error and Turn to Zoom Support Team

Applies to: Fix Zoom meeting disappeared from the screen, meeting list, or calendar.

According to some Zoom Meeting application users, their Zoom meetings directly disappeared from the Screen in the Zoom application, or the Meetings List for no reason. To fix this error, the Zoom Meeting support team provides an official solution here:

Step 1. Open the Zoom application and check if an error notification pops up. 

If yes, take a screenshot of the error and jump to Step 3.

Step 2. Run a meeting or webinar on the Zoom Meeting application and see if an error message pops up. 

Zoom meeting disappeared error messages

If yes, take a screenshot of the error message, and continue with the next step. 

Mostly, there will be an error code in the Zoom Meeting error message. Remember the error code.

Step 3. Contact the  Zoom Meeting support team , send them the screenshots of error messages or show them the exact error code.

Official Solution 2 - Restore Disappeared Zoom Meeting that Was Deleted in The Application

Applies to: Fix Zoom meeting disappeared or missing error due to accidental deletion. 

If the Zoom meeting disappeared in the application was caused by accidental deletion, stay here. You can directly recover deleted Zoom recording  or meeting from its Recycle Bin:

Step 1. Launch the Zoom Meeting app, log in with your account, click Meetings or Webinar.

Step 2. Click Recently Deleted and find the deleted items.

Find deleted meetings

Step 3. Select the desired meeting and click Recover

Recover deleted meeting records

Note that mostly Zoom Meeting will keep deleted meetings or webinars for one week.
You can recover the deleted meeting and resume the meeting via the previous link anytime. 

Also, if the removed items expired a week, the Zoom Meeting app will remove them permanently and make the items unrecoverable.

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How to Recover Deleted Zoom Recordings?

Some Zoom users seem not quick clear about where to find their Zoom recordings and how to recover deleted Zoom meeting videos on their own. And if you have the same problems, follow this link for help.

Recover Zoom recordings

Qiling Solution - Recover Zoom Meetings Disappeared on Local PC

Applies to: Find disappeared or missing Zoom meetings from a local computer.

If you saved important Zoom meeting recordings on your computer but the meeting files disappeared for no reason, or you mistakenly deleted the Zoom meeting, don't worry. Stop using the Zoom meeting drive or folder, and don't save any new files to the location.

Then, apply reliable  file recovery software  - Deep Data Recovery to bring back the missing or disappeared Zoom meetings:

1st, check the location of Zoom meeting on a local drive

The Zoom meeting application normally saves the recordings in the following paths by default:

2nd, Scan and recover Zoom meeting that disappeared on a computer drive

Step 1. Launch Deep Data Recovery. Select file types and click "Next" to start.

Select file types that you want to recover

Step 2. Select the location or device where you lost/deleted videos. Click "Scan" to find the missing videos.

select a location and click scan

Step 3. After the scan, choose "Videos" in the left panel. Go to "Lost" or "All" to find the wanted videos. Select the found videos and click "Preview".

scan for deleted videos and click Preview

Step 4. Select the video files that you want to restore. Click "Recover" to save them to another secure location on your PC or external storage device.

Why Did My Zoom Meeting Disappear and How to Avoid This Error

What caused these issues? Or why did Zoom meetings disappear? Learn the possible reasons below and find out why does my Zoom screen recording disappeared:

How to Avoid or prevent Zoom Meeting from removed/disappeared? Follow tips here:

Zoom Meeting Disappeared Error Is Fixable, Get Rid of It with Proper Solutions Now

On this page, we collected 3 solutions to help you fix Zoom meeting disappeared error online, in App, and on a local computer. 

FAQs of Zoom Meeting Application

Here, we collected some top questions that are asked by many Zoom users. Check out the questions and respective answers here below. You may find your own answers:

1. Do recorded Zoom meetings expire? 

The answer is Yes and No.

For an online meeting that you recorded, it will expire if you set a schedule date for it. 

But if you downloaded the recorded meeting from Zoom to a local computer, it will not expire. You can safely save the meeting video on your PC as long as you want.

2. Where did my Zoom recording go? 

3. Can you access old Zoom meetings?

Recorded list all previous meetings that you recorded to the cloud or your computer. You can also see the path of the meeting.

access old zoom meetings

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